Best Hotels in Yorkshire: Top 5

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top five ‘Best Hotels in Yorkshire,’ where we’ve chosen our personal favourites to share with you. We are certain these hotels will give you an unforgettable stay, with beautiful and modern bedroom suites, gorgeous spas, and delectable eateries. Let’s get into it.

Rudding Hall


First up we have Rudding Hall, a luxury contemporary hotel located in Harrogate. Rudding Hall is made up of 90 stunning bedroom suites, including a luxurious spa, two delicious top quality restaurants, a kitchen garden, two golf courses, a private cinema and event spaces. It’s an incredible venue to experience a top notch stay in one of Yorkshire’s finest Harrogate hotels.

The Hare


Next up on our list of best hotels in Yorkshire is The Hare, located in Scawton, Hemsley. This hotel house is a 12th century Inn, with beautifully designed bedroom suites, each with their own stunning character. In addition, you can dine and drink in their gorgeous restaurant which offers a delicious tasting menu, made up from high quality and fresh ingredients. A great stay in Yorkshire.

Stow House


Stow House is a beautiful countryside bed and breakfast in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Each room is spectacularly unique, inspired and named after the paintings that are hung up in each room. The bedrooms are super stylish and comfortable, with insane views across the Yorkshire Dale countryside. In addition, Stow House serves up delicious cocktails for you to enjoy on your stay here!

Goldsborough Hall


Next on our list of best hotels in Yorkshire is Goldsborough Hall, an exciting hotel venue in Yorkshire where you can stay over, dine, drink and discover the iconic 16th century history of the house. The hotel is 5 star meaning excellent facilities, fantastic service and exceptional dine dishes. In addition, you can enjoy the stunning award-winning gardens, making it an all over amazing place to stay!

Grays Court


Last on our list of best hotels in Yorkshire is Grays Court, a historic building once used by knights and kings. The hotel includes an award-winning restaurant with a nine-course tasting menu, all cooked with fresh and top quality ingredients from their very own Gray’s Court kitchen as well as high end suppliers. In addition, the rooms are super luxurious, full of character with top quality facilities. An overall brilliant stay in Yorkshire.

Overview of Best Hotels in Yorkshire

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