Yorkshire 3 Peaks Route FAQs

What is the Yorkshire 3 peaks route challenge?

The three peaks challenge is based in Yorkshire this includes reaching and climbing three different mountain peaks, which you walk round in around 12 hours. You tackle each peak in this order firstly the Pen-y-Ghent, secondly Whernside and then lastly the Ingleborough peak. The Yorkshire 3 peaks route usually starts in Horton in Ribblesdale and comes back round in a circle so that you finish at the same point.

How much training is required?

If you take part in walking quite regularly you might not need any training to complete the three peaks, it’s all down to every person each individual’s fitness level and age. It is recommended that you at least practice one long walk, which includes hills and flat land so that you can get used to the difficulty. Even climbing just one of the peaks beforehand will give you a good indicator of your fitness levels, to see how much you need to train. 

Can you complete the Yorkshire 3 peaks route all year round?

You can complete the Yorkshire 3 peaks route all year round, whenever you decide the right time. However, it can very cold and windy at times due to the open nature, so considering going in the warmer seasons might be the best option. You also need to consider the amount of daylight, as if you were to do this challenge in winter you might find yourself completing it in the dark. The recommended months to do this route are anywhere between April and September.

What equipment will I need?

You don’t need heaps of professional equipment for the Yorkshire 3 peaks route challenge, but you need to make sure that you have:

  • Map
  • Compass 
  • Warm clothes
  • Backpack
  • Suitable walking footwear

What is the recommended amount of water/food to take?

You need to make sure that you take enough water and food to last you the full day, so making sure you have a backpack big enough is also important. Three litres of water is the recommended amount, although you might need to take more depending on the weather. As if you complete the Yorkshire 3 peaks route on a hot day, you will most likely require more fluids. When taking food take as much as you can carry comfortably on your back, and make sure that you take lots of high-energy foods to keep you going throughout the day. 

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