Filming Locations In Yorkshire

In many ways, Yorkshire is remarkable, exceptional, and different. The area provides a plethora of sites for any film or television project, from its untamed landscapes to its numerous historical properties. Others are closely-kept local secrets, while some are instantly recognisable on a global scale. Keep reading to get a glimpse of all the amazing filming locations in Yorkshire that have drawn filmmakers from around the world, all of which are accessible to tourists.

Shibden Hall, Halifax

This lovely country home in the lovely Shibden valley of West Yorkshire, is one of the filming locations in Yorkshire with a lengthy and fascinating past. Shibden Hall’s most intriguing tale is that Anne Lister, a notorious landowner and diarist, lived there in the early 19th century. The original timber-framed building there was built in 1420. (1791-1840). The BBC historical television drama Gentleman Jack, which was primarily filmed here at Shibden Hall, is about Anne’s life and her groundbreaking work as one of the first contemporary lesbians. The author and producer Sally Wainwright actually grew up close to the estate.

Inside the main house, viewers of the TV programme can discover more about Anne. Visitors may also browse through some of her diary entries, which were initially written in code to conceal their explosive truths about her affairs, on an interactive screen. A painting of the real-life heroine hangs on the wall, and there is a documentary about her life.

City Hall, Bradford 

It is simple to visualise Bradford’s City Hall’s roles as a stand-in for significant organisations like the House of Commons and the Old Bailey on screen. It has room after room of exquisitely preserved Victorian splendour. It was constructed in 1873 in the Venetian Gothic style, and because it offers so many different settings under one roof, it is a very sought-after location for filmmaking. Official Secrets, starring Keira Knightley, was one of the most recent major motion pictures to shoot here, but it has also hosted Coronation Street, Emmerdale, The Great Train Robbery, Peaky Blinders, Victoria, The Great Train Robbery, Testament of Youth, and The ABC Murders.

The City Hall, a Grade I-listed structure located directly on Bradford’s Centenary Square, has been rented out for filmmaking since 1959. Its Victorian Court Room is one of the most gorgeous areas you would recognise from the screen. The majestic council chambers, entry hall, staircase, Lord Mayor’s offices, and a banqueting hall with a lovely 19th-century overmantel and frieze are just a few further authentic period features.

Bolton Abbey, Skipton

Bolton Abbey’s enormous estate includes 30,000 acres of arable land, forests, moorland, and waterways. Since the 18th century, it has served as the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire’s Yorkshire residence, located on the southern edge of the Dales. It’s typical James Herriot territory, and in the new, All Creatures Great and Small series, various locales around the estate are included. Initially, the estate serves as the setting for Sharp’s Farm, where James frequently visits to take care of his cows.

The 12th-century Bolton Priory ruins are located in the centre of the estate, with a view of the River Wharfe. You may locate the spectacular three-arched humpbacked Barden Bridge, which spans a beautiful portion of the river, next to the ruins of Barden Tower, which can be found nearby. In the third episode of All Creatures Great and Small, James and Hugh travel across this bridge when they encounter some trouble.

The Dales National Park, Malham

The Dales National Park is One of the most attractive filming locations in Yorkshire, which is found in the small village of Malham, a pastoral rural enclave in the Dales national park that is justifiably popular with day visitors. The town itself boasts a creek meandering through it, a cluster of traditional slumped stone buildings, and a charming village inn, but the surrounding natural beauty areas only serve to enhance its reputation. It is one of the filming locations for the new All Creatures Great and Small because location scouts have fallen for its many attractions.

There has been a community here for a thousand years, and the Doomsday Book gives it the name Malgun, which is a tribute to the geological wonder of Malham Cove and means “settlement by the gravelly areas.” At the conclusion of the last Ice Age, more than 12,000 years ago, a waterfall transporting meltwater from glaciers created this limestone amphitheatre close to the town centre. It was rightfully considered for many years as one of England’s natural wonders. Wuthering Heights, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and The Trip all featured the magnificent limestone pavement that rises over the cove.

Piece Hall, Halifax 

The Piece Hall, the most ambitious and prominent of its kind, was constructed in 1779 as a Cloth Hall for the exchange of “pieces” of cloth, which are 30-yard lengths of woven woollen fabric made on a handloom. It is now the only surviving specimen and stands in beautiful seclusion. It is one of the most remarkable Georgian structures in all of Britain.

When it was confirmed that Halifax will serve as the location for the filming of Marvel’s upcoming Disney Plus series, there was much excitement. While filming took place in The Piece Hall, Dean Clough, and on the outskirts of the town centre, crews were sighted in the area with Samuel L Jackson, Emilia Clarke, Ben Mendelsohn, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Cobie Smulders. The next new and upcoming film that has been shot in several different filming locations in Yorkshire, including Halifax, is the Wait For Me Film which is set to premiere on March 11th this year. 

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